semperXbmc is an open-source remote controller for XBMC, written in Qt/QML

Supported devices

semperXbmc is tested and supported on Symbian^3 devices (Nokia N8, C7, ...)
Experimentally, a procedure is also available for Symbian^1/S60V5 (Nokia 5800, ...)
It also work on all desktops/laptops devices where a Qt SDK is available (Windows, Linux, Mac)
With minimal adaptations, it should also work on meego devices.


  • Supports both 10.1 (Dharma) and 11.0 (Eden)
  • v 0.9.6 supports 12.0 (Frodo)
  • Both a remote control (Event client based) and a JSON-RPC client
  • Movie, TV Show, Music and Audio playlist views
  • Each view support multiple display style
  • Filtering/Sorting available on most views
  • Web home page for Movies, TV Shows & Music Artists
  • Support resuming movies/episodes on Eden


  • 2012/31/12 v0.9.6 WARNING: This version hasn't been tested on Dharma no on Eden:
    • Full support for Frodo
  • 2012/05/26 v0.9.5 WARNING: This version hasn't been tested on Dharma:
    • Full support for Eden
    • Rewritten playlist support
    • initial support
    • Too many bugfixes and tweaks to mention...
  • 2011/08/06 v0.9.3:
    • Experimental support for Symbian^1/S60V5
    • Touch feedback on remote
    • Auto-repeat buttons on remote
    • Resume movies/episodes on Eden
    • Bug fixes and tweaks...
  • 2011/07/30 v0.9.2:
    • Web home page for movies/TV shows/Music Artits (long press to show)
    • Window shortcuts to remote menu
    • Bug fixes and tweaks...
  • 2011/07/24 v0.9.1:
    • Genre view for TV Shows
    • Initial notification support
    • Custom "lastplayed" sort option for TV Shows
    • Add "Recent" views fo movies, TV episodes and albums
    • Additional remote buttons via list menu
    • Add "Refresh" menu to each views
  • 2011/07/21 v0.9: Initial public alpha release


semperXbmc requires Qt 4.7.3, Qt Mobility 1.1.x and the Qt Quick components (only officially available for Symbian^3 and Meego for the moment)
The installer SIS file should install all dependencies.
Tested on Nokia C7 (Symbian^3)

Symbian^1 / S60V5

As the Qt Quick Components are not officially available for Symbian^1 / S60V5, I've compiled them myself.
They are available in the files section as "".

The Zip contains 3 unsigned SIS files that you have to install on your device (on "C:"). If you don't know how to sign SIS files, please go to and/or google for more info.

This has to be done only once. Thereafter, simply installing the "semperXbmc_*_S1.sis" will suffice.

On my tests with a Nokia 5800, the app seems to work fine but the device is often rebooting/stopping, especially when closing the app. Not sure if the cause is my device or the app itself, so your mileage may vary. Please report reboots so that I am aware.


A Self-signed, smart installer, SIS package is available for Symbian^3 in the files section.
A simple SIS installer is also available both for Symbian^3 and Symbian^1, assuming all dependencies are already in place.


Main source repository is hosted at Gitorious


Screenshots are hosted on Picassaweb
Screenshot montage

semperXbmc_screenshots.jpg - Screenshot montage (166.9 kB) Chris Browet, 21/07/2011 09:30